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New South Wales


we sell authentic handmade, hand painted Australian Aboriginal returning boomerangs. made and sold by Aboriginal people and their families. fast shipping. Buy a boomerang. boomerangs for sale.

We only sell Authentic Handmade-Hand painted-Aboriginal Wooden boomerangs


we only sell handmade authentic Aboriginal returning Wooden boomerangs. we make and hand paint them ourselves, then sell them direct to you. We ONLY have Authentic Boomerangs For Sale which are traditional Australian Aboriginal Boomerangs. Here you can buy a Wooden boomerang, which is handmade by Australian craftsmen and completely hand painted by Australian Aboriginal artists. The Wooden Boomerangs are approximately 16 1/2 inch(42 cm) from tip to tip. these are Authentic Boomerangs and you can choose our plain  basic boomerang or our beautifully decorated ones. All the designs have meaning and are based on family. The designs come from a number of tribal areas and were taught to our senior artist 'Bulku" when she was at the Mananura centre by visiting elders. Bulku was a founding member and manager of Mananura.

These Australian Boomerangs are for sale and can be given as a great gift, displayed as art, or thrown for sport. They are guaranteed returning boomerangs (when they are thrown correctly!). On our website, you can see a lesson on how to throw a boomerang  with either the right or left hand.  

Check out our how to throw instructions.